Atomic Haiku

ShadowsAtomic bombs here

And some atomic bombs there

Which nut will fire first?


Americans love

And North Koreans love, too

Why harm the people?


Donald and Jong-un

Do not speak for the people

Let’s lock them both up.


Five Minute Friday: Empty

Photo of United Methodist Cross and Flame beneath text of "Meditation at the Cross."

(So, I’ve been participating in a “writers’ flash mob” of sorts called Five Minute Friday. In response to a one-word prompt, hundreds of writers sit down and write for five minutes flat. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation; unscripted and unedited. Here’s today’s edition…setting the timer….)

Five Minute Friday: Empty


Good Friday Haiku;

Even angels are weeping;

Mournful psalms singing.

Power offered up;

Tender-hearted grace shown us;

Yahweh gave it all.


Thanksgiving Haiku


Photo album cover with the following haiku - Family days have ways of summoning emotions - pure joy and raw pain. Laugh with the living. Remember well those missing. Give thanks for loved ones.



Fall leaf haiku- The sideways sunlight... Highlights the forgotten leaf... Casting fall’s shadow.

The sideways sunlight

Highlights the forgotten leaf

Casting fall’s shadow.