Slow Down

Speed Limit 10 Sign - with forest backdrop

In a world that celebrates speed and plenty, it can be hard to enjoy slow and less.

But, as they say, sometimes less is more.

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.


Even a cliché touting the benefits of slow and steady presumes there is a race!

We zip through life in the grip of fear.

Fear that we are missing out on something.

Fear that we won’t get everything done.

Fear that life is a race and we are getting lapped by the competition.

With this reality as a backdrop, my family and I went on vacation last week.

We slipped away to a beautiful, quiet, leafy retreat deep in the mountains of our home state of West Virginia.

(That’s “Almost Heaven West Virginia” for those of you who may not know.)

Looking out the window at the sun shining through tall trees

Some days we ventured out and about to see waterfalls, hike trails and descend into caverns.

But most days we hung out and played games, watched movies, read books, sat in a hot tub or in front of a fireplace, munched on snacks and walked our dog.

A stack of Jenga blocks - ready for a game

Every year we try and go someplace different on vacation. Sometimes our destination calls for more intense “engagement” – like the year we went to the Washington, DC area for a week. Sometimes, like this year, it’s more about a change of scenery and a separation from our “to do” lists than it is an effort to spend the week on the go.

You might not think that spending a week “chilling out” would result in much, but quite the opposite is true.

That lesson was reinforced this past week during a visit underground.

A cavern tour provided a wonderful example of slow and steady results.

Deep in total darkness, the trilogy of time, water and geology have created some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Stalactites in an underground cavern

Slow and steady.

Even when there’s no race.

It’s a winner. Fire burning in a gas fireplace