Thanksgiving Haiku


Photo album cover with the following haiku - Family days have ways of summoning emotions - pure joy and raw pain. Laugh with the living. Remember well those missing. Give thanks for loved ones.


God’s Grace


The photo is of a paved trail blocked by a fallen tree branch. The text says, "'There but for the grace of God go I.' The phrase betrays the universal nature of God's grace. No one deserves or receives a larger helping of God's grace than another. God's grace is for all."

Morning Fog


View into the woods on a foggy morning. Text reads: Morning fog reminds us we can't always see the rising sun but its light still proclaims that night is over. Even foggy mornings hold the promise of a new day.



Fall leaf haiku- The sideways sunlight... Highlights the forgotten leaf... Casting fall’s shadow.

The sideways sunlight

Highlights the forgotten leaf

Casting fall’s shadow.

National Library Week 2014


Photo of child seated at reading table in library. Text is "Thank you, God, for libraries!!" "Celebrating National Libarary Week 2014"

Photo by Dewayne Lowther