Welcome to Home Among the Hills.

My thoughts about life find their home and voice here.

Somebody asked me why I love to write.

My answer…

Putting words together, like pieces of a puzzle, to communicate a thought, an idea or an emotion, is one of the most basic and powerful opportunities in the world.

I feel blessed to have this opportunity to write, this space to share my writing, and the time to do it.

I hope what I write prompts you to think and reflect ā€“ maybe even to laugh and/or cry ā€“ but also accompanies you on your journey to find your own home and voice.

-Sarah Lowther Hensley

Sarah Lowther Hensley

The inspiration for this blog’s name came from the choral piece My Home Among the Hills, by E.W. James, Jr., performed here by the West Virginia Wesleyan College Concert Chorale and Alumni Choir on the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Larry Parsons.

My Home Among the Hills, E.W. James, Jr.

There’s a land of rolling mountains

Where the sky is blue above.

And though I may roam, I hurry home,

To the friendly hills I love.

Where the moonlit meadows ring

with the call of whippoorwills

Always you will find me in my home among the hills

And where the sun draws rainbows in the mist

of waterfalls and mountain rills

My heart will be always in the West Virginia Hills

There, autumn hillsides are bright with scarlet trees

and in the spring, the robins sing

While apple blossoms whisper in the breeze

And there is music in the flashing streams

and joy in fields of daffodils

Laughter through the happy valleys of my home among the hills.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found you, and love the name of your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more, getting to know you better, etc. Thanks for sharing your writings with the world!

  2. It’s my privilege to know your parents, Ms. Blogger . . . Your mom and I are Deacon sisters, and your dad, an integral part of my journey in this annual conference. What a way with words you have! Another Deacon sister moved from here just last evening; she and I had been in ministry and friendship together for nearly twenty years here. Her husband is an Elder and they have itinerated north. Your blog touched my heart and sensibilities as UM clergy and one whose friends come and go . . . Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I look forward to more of your insight and wordmanship. Blessings~

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