Courthouse clock tower with Lady Justice at the top.

The West Virginia Legislature is considering impeaching a Justice…and there are enough political shenanigans, malfeasance, and corruption going on in our state that it was confusing to some whether that meant a State Supreme Court Justice or Governor Justice.

And now a U.S. Supreme Court Justice is retiring, opening the way for a corrupt president to name his second Justice (the first was named to a seat stolen by Republicans when they refused to even hold hearings on the last president’s Justice nominee.)

This comes at an incredibly critical time.

It comes at a time when our nation is polarized and angry.

Two road directional arrows point directly back towards one another.

It’s nauseating – at such a time as this – for a president neck-deep in corruption and scandal (whose opponent received millions more votes than he did) to be permitted to name two people to lifetime appointments with the power to interpret and shape our constitutional reality.

The current climate is as far from such a “mandate” as could be possible.

Things are already bad.

We are ripping families apart and warehousing children (in for-profit facilities); we are thumbing our noses at the concept of “human rights” on the international stage; we are cozying up to dictators all around the world while undermining our allies; the middle class is being strangled while the wealthy get wealthier (thanks to large tax cuts); the most vulnerable among us are being shoved further aside (thanks to proposed budget cuts to pay for the afore-mentioned tax cuts); affordable access to basic healthcare is being stripped away; thousands are dying in an epidemic of gun violence; and environmental damage is intensifying.

Everything bad about America is being magnified – racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, crumbling infrastructure, bloated consumerism, shaky standard of living…

Everything good about America is being undermined – innovation, neighborliness, natural beauty, religious freedom, positive outreach to the world, education, the arts…

It’s been said that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

I want to believe that is true.

But, at the moment, justice seems pretty far around the bend.

Screen shot of a tweet from Ruth H. Hopkins @RuthHHopkins "The prayers that your grandmothers said for you long ago are still being answered." 4/16/18 11:22 PM

Ruth H. Hopkins is a Dakota/Lakota Sioux Writer, born on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. She is also a tribal attorney, judge, and biologist.