Treadmill Theology

Disclaimer: I am not a professional theologian. I have not even ever played one on TV. Furthermore, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So, read on if interested in how my crazy mind works, but at your own risk.


Either from oxygen deprivation or some sort of Spirit-directed introspection, I have arrived at what I consider an important breakthrough in my understanding of the divine.

This came to me on the treadmill, so…walk with me a few minutes and I will fill you in.

I’ve been walking on the treadmill daily for several months and, while walking, I’ve been binge-watching one of my favorite shows on Netflix.

Screen shot says Binge-worthy TV Dramas.The show just wrapped up its 14th season, and I have stayed up-to-date with the latest happenings.

For my re-watch binge I started back at the first-ever episode and am now up to Season 7. It’s been fascinating to experience old episodes, knowing what happens to the characters down the line. I witness them make life choices, take actions, learn lessons, and start/stop relationships …and I already know how it turns out.

“Don’t get on the plane, you guys!”

“Yes, girl, you can DO this. Don’t give up! It’s gonna all be OK.”

I know these characters better than they know themselves…yet.

So, back to my important breakthrough in understanding the divine…

No matter what season of my life I’m in, God has already seen it. He already knows how this – and future seasons – turns out.

Screen shot shows a drop down menu for Seasons of a show.

I don’t mean this in any predestination-everything-happens-for-a-reason-because-it’s-God’s-plan way.

Not. At. All.

God is not some Emmy-winning-script-writer-in-the-sky.

I mean it in a God-exists-outside-our-linear-experience-of-time-and-already-knows-what-happens way.

God knows me.

Before I was born he knew me.

When I was a child he knew me.

When I became a wife and mother he knew me.

He knows me right now.

He knows what life choices I’ll make, what actions I’ll take, what lessons I’ll learn, and what relationships I will start/stop.

Not because he makes those choices for me, but because he has already watched me make them.

He knows how it all turns out.

He knows me better than I know myself…yet.

It’s comforting to think that God has always been with me. God is with me now. And God will continue to be with me through every season.

He’ll be with me as I make all those choices and experience those consequences.

Perhaps if I make an effort to spend time with God, listening for his voice, I may even hear some helpful comments coming my way.

“Have you thought of this other path? It may not be usual and ordinary…but I think you will like where it leads.”

“Give your friend the benefit of the doubt. He is trying his best.”

“Go ahead and have that ice cream, girl! It’s one of life’s awesome joys!”

He’s seen all my episodes from every season and even knows when my series gets cancelled.

Maybe my eternal life will turn out to be a sort of never-ending syndication*. I’m counting on a reunion movie thrown in.

*Update 5/29/18 7:45 a.m.: Still thinking…syndication – or spin-off? Still thinking…

Screen shot says Sarah's Story Season 55