Black and white photo of a nearly leafless tree against a grey morning sky.

November ended with a cacophony of caws calling to the drizzly, pasty-gray sky and a hundred or more black birds launching themselves from the leafless branches of the tree where they watched and waited for some sort of signal only they perceived.

They scattered on the waves of the wind, their wings silhouetted against a neighbor’s holiday light display, itself a simple sign that the season of watching and waiting held promise.



Emojis showing anger and fear.

The terrorists are laughing.

They’ve won the day, you see.

They got us hating on each other

Fearing diversity.


“Let’s make America great again,”

The cowards shouted loudly.

America collapsed in on itself.

The terrorists looked on proudly.


They didn’t need to build their bombs

Or infiltrate our ranks.

They didn’t need a bunch of arsenals

Or submarines, or tanks.


They only needed to set the bait

And watch our nation bite.

We freely surrendered our best true selves.

We collapsed without a fight.


The very things we feared we’d lose

Our values true and dear

We betrayed and gave them each the boot

As traitors fueled by fear.


The terrorists are laughing.

America’s in trouble.

We’ve done it to ourselves, my friend.

We’ve created our own rubble.