Orange lettering on a blue water background says "Curiosity", with sunbeams shining through the water onto the word.

The sunshine felt warm on my back as we set off on the rail trail for a walk in the fresh air.

This was a new trail for us, so we weren’t exactly sure what we would see along the way.

At times, the path would go along in a straight line, but usually it curved off a little in the near distance.

We weren’t sure how long or how far we were going to walk.

“Just around that next bend,” we’d say.

But as we approached the bend, we could see another curve just ahead.

“Maybe just around that one.”

Eventually we acknowledged the hour and the uncertainty of how long it would take us to return to where we left our car.

We peered down the trail.

Yet another curve.

We’d have to come back another day to find out what was around that one.

Because, of course, we have to know.

I’ve struggled in recent months to find the time and energy to write. A group of writers proposed writing something every day for the month of October, based on a one word prompt, and writing in just five minutes – no worrying about perfect grammar or always being poignant or well-polished. I’m giving it a go in an effort to jump start my writing. For the one word prompts, I’m going to follow along with The Upper Room’s Sight Psalms. They put out a picture a day and apply one word and a short reflection. If you are reading this, thanks for accompanying me for this experiment in motivation and discipline.


One thought on “Curiosity

  1. Remember seeing quote you once had taped to your mirror ……. Your role in Public Radio Reporter was an excuse to be Curious. Was that a quote from Edward R. Murrow?

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