Multi-colored lettering on black background says "Celebrate."

A baby was born.

Today’s sun was one of those warm-but-not-hot special October suns.

The accompanying sky was blue with puffy clouds.

I worked on interesting projects at my job.

My women’s Bible study group met tonight, shared deep thoughts, and laughed.

My husband traveled home safely from being out of town.

A young friend underwent some tough medical tests, but was surrounded by love, family support, and heartfelt prayers.

Another friend shared a prayer that is special to her, but which also spoke to my heart.

I ordered a pie.

These things happened in the past twenty-four hours.

These things happened, and so, I celebrate.

I’ve struggled in recent months to find the time and energy to write. A group of writers proposed writing something every day for the month of October, based on a one word prompt, and writing in just five minutes – no worrying about perfect grammar or always being poignant or well-polished. I’m giving it a go in an effort to jump start my writing. For the one word prompts, I’m going to follow along with The Upper Room’s Sight Psalms. They put out a picture a day and apply one word and a short reflection. If you are reading this, thanks for accompanying me for this experiment in motivation and discipline.


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