White lettering on black background says "Responsibilities."

I’m considering spelling it “Responseabilities.”

Am I able to respond?

Am I up for taking on important roles and doing my part?

Am I up for serving those around me, and not just expecting to be served?

I hear (and participate in) lots of talk about “rights.”

We all want to make sure our rights are protected.

I do.

We also need to watch out for others and make sure their rights are protected.

That’s important.

That’s justice.

But I don’t believe there can be substantive or fruitful discussion of rights, without the companion issue of responsiabilities.

I have rights.

I also have responsiabilities.

I guess sometimes I can benefit from a refresher course.

Sometimes I need to have it spelled out.

I’ve struggled in recent months to find the time and energy to write. A group of writers proposed writing something every day for the month of October, based on a one word prompt, and writing in just five minutes – no worrying about perfect grammar or always being poignant or well-polished. I’m giving it a go in an effort to jump start my writing. For the one word prompts, I’m going to follow along with The Upper Room’s Sight Psalms. They put out a picture a day and apply one word and a short reflection. If you are reading this, thanks for accompanying me for this experiment in motivation and discipline.


Thanks for stopping by! What are your thoughts on this?

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