Black background with white lettering that says "discernment".

Listening to “the still small voice” sounds a whole lot more noble than “going with your gut.”

But, let’s be honest, it’s a ton easier to go with your gut than to take quiet time to listen for the still small voice.

Going with your gut involves making a quick judgement, coming to a rash decision, or following your more basic instincts.

Listening for the still small voice involves putting aside your own wants, needs, and opinions and seeking out something/someone greater than yourself.

How do you discern the direction to take?

Do you go with your gut?

Or do you listen to the still small voice?

If you are not sure, it’s probably time for a gut check.

At least that’s what the still voice is whispering in my ear.

I’ve struggled in recent months to find the time and energy to write. A group of writers proposed writing something every day for the month of October, based on a one word prompt, and writing in just five minutes – no worrying about perfect grammar or always being poignant or well-polished. I’m giving it a go in an effort to jump start my writing. For the one word prompts, I’m going to follow along with The Upper Room’s Sight Psalms. They put out a picture a day and apply one word and a short reflection. If you are reading this, thanks for accompanying me for this experiment in motivation and discipline.


One thought on “Discernment

  1. I struggled with this word for quite a while, and finally concluded that discernment was the spirity of God getting through to the spirit of me. Yes, it takes time and listening not a knee jerk reaction.

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