Time for Everything

The grinding sound of the garage door gave way to bird chirps and the low-level hum of a distant highway.

I ventured out into the morning, greeted by comfortably cool air.

My eyes focused on the warm pink sunrise in the eastern sky.

Pink morning sky at sunrise, with homes and vehicles in foreground.

I continued up the steep driveway and retrieved the morning paper from the plastic tube attached to our mailbox post.

The new day was dawning and it was time to get down to the business of living it.

Descending back down the driveway, I again lifted up my eyes.

The waning gibbous moon hovered over our house, heading for the western horizon.

Its work in my neighborhood was nearly done for today.

Western sky at sunrise, with waning gibbous moon. An open garage door and home in the foreground.

I find comfort in nature’s rhythms and cycles.

A time to rise and a time to set.

A time for cold and snow and a time for rain and flowers.


Our lives have their own rhythms and cycles.

I find comfort in those, too.


For the past couple of months I’ve experienced disruption to the rhythms and cycles of my own life.

One result: a loss of focus on my writing.

It’s been more than a month since I posted to this blog, for instance.

Other writing projects have also been placed on the back burner.


But the disruption has also sparked new ideas and projects.

I’m now seeking full-time employment.

One result: excitement about employment possibilities.

I am learning new things even in the job search itself.


Nature’s (and life’s) rhythms and cycles teach me patience and trust.

Live in the moment,” they whisper.

There is a time for everything.”