Comfort and Mystery

Looking out past an open car door toward a view of mountains - fading into the distance

I often need to look up and out for perspective.

Lucky for me I live in West Virginia – a “land of rolling mountains”…

There is nothing quite like the perspective I get from looking into the hills…especially when I can glimpse a series of hill tops as they fade off into the distance.

The ridges ripple away into the unknown, trailing into fainter and fainter shades of blue-green as they go.

As they fade, they evoke a sharp vision within my mind and soul.

They spark perspective.

A perspective of comfort and mystery, all in one.

I grew up in the West Virginia hills, so for me their presence is comforting.

Like getting a hug from the earth or being wrapped in a blanket.

I have traveled and lived abroad, so I know there is a world beyond that last ridge.

I’ve experienced some of it, but the world still holds mysteries for me. (Thank goodness!)

There are infinite new vistas to discover and explore.

Inevitably, when I look up and out at the hills, I drink in the sky as well.

I love looking at the sky – especially when days are coming or going.

Frosty February sunrise and orange sky over a neighborhood

Cloud stripes hover within subtle swatches of pink, orange, red, blue, and grey.

Quietly and boldly they proclaim that beauty comes in wisps of diverse gradation.

In the morning, the sun arrives from somewhere beyond those last faded hill tops.

I am comforted by its return.

In the evening, it journeys beyond where I am and what I know.

I am inspired to seek out that land of mystery.

Red-orange sunset with tree silhouettes


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