Ready or Not

Days ago they warned us.

All week we have watched and waited.

“Hey!” they said. “We might get slammed with a major snow storm Friday.”

“Or…it might veer to the southeast and mostly miss us.”

“We can’t say for sure…yet.”

Map graphic created by National Weather Service Pittsburgh - shows to approaching winter storms.

Image credit: US National Weather Service, Pittsburgh

SOMETHING would happen on Friday/Saturday, they told us, but forecast limitations forced us to wait.



Well, the “winter storm watch” is now a “winter storm warning” and we are readying ourselves for the snow.

Major snow.

It’s coming.


But today?

Today is calm.

Blue skies…sun…mostly clear roads…

Without the weather forecast we would not be worried about an impending storm.

A sunny winter day, light dusting of snow on ground, blue skies, afternoon sun.

But we do have the forecast, so we have time to buy in supplies…time to get ready.

Thank goodness we have a pretty specific idea of what will happen and when it will happen.

We are ready for the storm.

This afternoon I reflected on our “storm readiness” and my thoughts wandered to a different kind of readiness.

It occurred to me that, as a Christian, I am supposed to be ready for something else.

I am supposed to watch, wait and ready myself for Christ to return.

Jesus said he’d be back.

But when?

People have watched and waited for nearly two thousand years.

When, Jesus?

Give me an idea of when this is going to happen.

If I just knew when, I would definitely be ready!

Funny thing about that.

Jesus said even he didn’t know when – so, just, be ready.

Watch and wait.

Be prepared.

If only it were as clear as this winter storm forecast.

If only I were given a fairly narrow window of time and then opportunity to get ready.

For the snow storm:  milk…bread…TP.

For Jesus’ return:  forgive those who trespass against me…love my enemies…feed the hungry.

You know – BE READY.

I’m ready for the snow.

For Christ to come again?

I better step up the forgiving, loving, feeding.

I want to be ready.

Peek inside refrigerator - bread, eggs and three gallons of milk.


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