One Egg Short

It hid on the shelf for we don’t know how many years.

Two? Three? More?

My husband recently pulled items from some shelves above our home office computer and discovered a lost Easter egg.

Apparently one of us or our son had hidden it there and then forgotten where we hid it.

As he picked it up and showed it to me I vaguely remembered an Easter when, after one of the repeated sessions of hiding and seeking the Easter eggs, we had come up one egg short.

We never found it (obviously) and eventually gave up looking.

At some point we forgot it was even missing.

An Easter egg – a symbol of hope, joy, new life, childhood innocence, artistry and fun.

I haven’t had the heart to throw it away.

It currently resides on our kitchen counter…near the tissue box, insurance company calendar and iPhone/iPad charge cords.

Yellow Easter egg on a kitchen counter - next to a tissue box, small calendar and charge cords. There is a cross along the back of the counter.

I noticed it this afternoon, in between checking social media and news outlets for updates on last night’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

The world feels like a pretty hopeless place today.

It’s overwhelming, frankly.

It’s as if the world is Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put it back together again.

Vicious evil invites fear, hate and revenge.

Fear, hate and revenge breed their own self-righteous vicious evil.

And so it goes.

Amid the angry and fearful calls for revenge and war, we know there is a better way.

Jesus came and told us there is a better way.

He even showed us.

The better way is to return love in the face of vicious evil.

The better way is to pray for those who persecute us.

But that way is hard and goes against our human nature.

We want revenge.

We want to fashion our own sense of safety by taking matters into our own hands.

We want blood for blood.

The lesson Jesus taught us about the better way is left on a dusty shelf, like a forgotten Easter egg…

…a forgotten symbol of hope and innocence…

…something we know is missing but gave up looking for.

The better way is still there…

…waiting for us to rediscover it and dust it off.


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