Magic Moments

Black square with the phonetic spelling for contentment in white

I rounded the corner this morning after dropping our son at school and came face to face with a beautiful pink-infused morning sky. At that moment I was content just to be alive and breathing and around to see it.

The beginnings of a pretty sky already caught my eye as we left the house, but somewhere between the time I navigated the narrow tunnel-like drive behind the school, dropped him off, went around the block and turned east, the pinkness had taken over.

I was on the move, so taking a picture wasn’t an option. (Sorry. I wish I could share it.)

It occurred to me that most moments of pure contentment in my life have not come from enjoying an accomplishment or feeling a sense of pride or financial stability.

The moments of pure contentment came when I encountered something, someone, someplace that created a sense of awe and wonderment.

A beautiful sky.

A child blowing bubbles.


Autumn leaves.

My parents holding hands.

The Grand Canyon.

In those moments, I was content just to be alive.

No worries.

No expectations.

No strategies.

Just enjoying the moment.

The sad truth is we can allow ourselves to get buried or sidetracked by worries, expectations or strategies. When we do, we often miss those magical moments that would have provided contentment all on their own.

Of course we have to take care of things and pay attention to the details of life.

I just hope I remember to look up from day-to-day duties and take time to experience moment-to-moment magic.


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