Five Minute Friday: Yes

Cell phone "to-do" list with two items - Bless and Don't stress

(So, I’ve been participating in a “writers’ flash mob” of sorts called Five Minute Friday. In response to a one-word prompt, hundreds of writers sit down and write for five minutes flat. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation; unscripted and unedited. Here’s today’s edition…setting the timer….)

Five Minute Friday: Yes


They rhyme.


For real – “yes” can lead to “stress.”

Yes is a powerful word; one not to be used lightly.

Saying “yes” to something, by its very nature, means saying “no” to other things.

Only so much time in the day, you know.

Yes. I know.

But, if the “yes” is for something aligned with my values and gifts and passions, it’s different somehow.

YES also rhymes with BLESS.

For real – “yes” can lead to “bless.”

So when should I say “yes?”

A gut-check can help.

If saying “yes” causes me to feel stress, it’s probably best to say “no.”

That leaves me available and ready to say “yes” to things that will bless.

Awesome, yes?




3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Yes

  1. Love how you paired “yes” with both “stress” and “bless”. Yes can lead to more stress, especially if we have a tendency to say yes to everything. It can also lead to blessings when we say yes to something we never thought we would do. Thanks for your encouraging post! Visiting over from FMF.

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