Lost and Found

Screenshot of map showing location of Rymer UMC - far from any main road.

I always leave a little extra time to get lost.

When I head out to a place I’ve never been, even when I have researched the directions and have a good idea of which roads and turn offs to take, experience has taught me to leave time to get lost.

Because…well…I often do.

This past week was one of those times. Almost to my destination and near the end of a 45 minute drive along country roads, I missed a turn off and had to search for a place to turn around and double back.

Rymer United Methodist Church, nestled in a beautiful but remote part of Marion County, West Virginia, was this week’s stop on my Summer Itinerancy 2015 (which you can read about here.) The congregation held a special combined worship service with the other church on its charge, hosted some talented and spiritually-grounded guest musicians, and topped it all off with a covered-dish-lunch-spread worthy of its own write-up. (Homemade chicken and noodles and peanut butter cake anyone?)

Church sign for Rymer United Methodist Church - stating Sunday August 23 Music Worship Service 11:00. Small country church in background.

So, this week’s adventure included a lost and found.

I was temporarily lost, but then found what I was looking for.

That’ll preach.

That. Will. Preach.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, aren’t we always on a journey; now and then temporarily lost; now and then finding what we are looking for; confident in our faith that we will get where we need to go?

Just as when we physically travel, the keys to a successful spiritual journey include willingness to start down the path; tolerance for losing our way; and tenacity to turn around and double back when we miss a turn or take the wrong one.

This week I studied the route, willingly started out into new territory, didn’t worry when I got temporarily lost, and found myself at a beautifully quaint church with warm and welcoming people, Spirit-filled music, and comforting country cooking.

It was all worth the risk of temporarily losing my way; it was worth the journey.

I found what I was looking for: authentic and heartfelt worship, praise and fellowship.

I found it 45 minutes out a country road and past a missed turn off.

In life, we will get lost at times, despite planning and researching and trying to always be in control of our situation. We can’t always rush things and we definitely can’t plan out each moment down to the finest detail. We need to leave a little extra time to lose and find our way.

It’s going to happen.

The losing and finding.

We’ll get there.

And when we do, it will have been worth the journey.

Musicians warm up at the front of the sanctuary before worship at Rymer United Methodist Church.

Shawna Weikle, Beverly Richards, Dave Yanero and Rodney Richards warm-up before leading worship at Rymer United Methodist Church on August 23, 2015.


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