Missing It

I pulled up the Foo Fighters montage from David Letterman’s last show and got all choked up. If you missed it, you can watch it here:


The rapid fire images from 30 + years of the Letterman show – most of which I never saw – still touched something within me.

Letterman’s NBC show started while I was in college and his switch to CBS occurred while I was a young, single radio reporter living in Columbus, Ohio.

I had watched his show some in my youth, but honestly it’s been years since I have tuned in. These days I am usually in bed asleep by 9:30 – so an 11:30 show is just not on my radar. Even last night, the lure of the “final show” didn’t tempt me to stay up late.

But I’ve read the news stories and listened to the interviews with interest and, even though I haven’t actually watched in years, I still feel nostalgic and misty-eyed for some reason.

I pulled up his website today and watched a few of the clips, including the Foo Fighter montage.

A lump formed in my throat as I watched the images flash by.

Maybe it’s because, in a way, these images represented my own life. Not these exact images of course.  As I say, I missed most of them over the years.

In reality they represented something bigger – the passage of time.

The same time all of those things were happening, all those episodes of his show, all of those moments with celebrities and stupid pet tricks and crazy stunts – the same time all those things were happening, I was alive and breathing…and doing something else.

I was living my life.

In many of these flashing images, Dave is young. His guests are young – just starting out in their careers. They are as I remember them from back when I watched once in a while.

The images and this montage reminded me that I – along with them – have also aged.  My life has been ticking along, too, albeit not to a Foo Fighter soundtrack.

The montage represented the passage of time.

The passage of my time.

People say they will miss David Letterman.

Honestly, I will, too.

But since I’ve been missing his show for the past couple of decades (because I am an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of gal), I won’t really miss his show.

I’ll miss the idea of it.

The idea that something that’s been there for more than half my life would go on forever.

The idea that anything (or anybody) in life would.


2 thoughts on “Missing It

  1. I haven’t watched Letterman in years, either. And while I’ve been meaning to stream his final show, I haven’t yet. Now I know why. I fear the same reaction. Good one, Sarah.

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