Five Minute Friday: Change

(So, I’ve been participating in a “writers’ flash mob” of sorts called Five Minute Friday. In response to a one-word prompt, hundreds of writers sit down and write for five minutes flat. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation; unscripted and unedited. Here’s today’s edition…setting the timer….)

Five Minute Friday: Change


When I was a toddler, my parents gave me a small globe bank for Christmas.

I still have it half a century later.

It’s made the moves with me from parsonage to parsonage (growing up as a preacher’s kid) and then to my college dorm and to my own apartments and to the home I now share with my husband and son.

It’s a little beat up, but it still serves its purpose…collecting loose change. A globe bank from the 1960s

The globe no longer reflects the current political divisions humans have created on the actual Earth.

It still lists a large part of Africa as “French West Africa”…and northeast of there is the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

It shows a W. Germany and an E. Germany.

The world has changed.

In fact, it changes by the minute.

What hasn’t changed is the importance of small actions and gestures.

Small actions and gestures that, for better or worse, can change the world.

Like the pennies, nickels and dimes in my bank, they can add up.

They can add up to significant change.


A small globe bank is among the gifts under this Christmas tree in the 1960s.

Perched under our Christmas tree is my shiny new globe bank.


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