Five Minute Friday: Release

Golden Eagle - Aura - flies away after her release

Photo by Three Rivers Avian Center

(I participate with a group of writers in a weekly “Five Minute Friday” writing exercise. In response to a word prompt, each writer sits down for five minutes for “no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.” This is also described as a sort of writing flash mob and a great form of “free therapy”.)

Five Minute Friday: Release


The metal grate that served as a door was suddenly open.

Aura peered out, but paused a moment.

What was beyond the opening?

She had memory of it.

Recent memory.

There was a memory of pain and sickness.

But that was not the main memory.

Far more than pain, she remembered freedom and breezes and open air.

She inched to the front of the cage.

Closer to the open door.

She felt the breeze and spied the open spaces.

One short hesitation and then she hopped out of the cage.

She spread her wings and with a low swoop arched her way upward.

Going a short distance, she perched in a nearby tree.

Getting her bearings, she looked around.

With a last glance at the people with the cage, she took flight and was gone.

Again experiencing freedom and breezes and open air, she had one more memory.

Memory of the loving hands that had healed her and then opened the door.


(To learn more about Aura and how you can help save other wildlife, visit Three Rivers Avian Center.)



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Release

  1. I love the ending —that she was given her freedom not that she took it when they weren’t looking. It also gives us a perspective on the pain — that of injury. Cleverly done. Good personification!:>)

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