Screen shot of Google search for World Wide Web


I am more than twice as old as the World Wide Web.

Today is considered the 25th birthday for the good young WWW.


How things have changed.

When I first started working in radio news, we typed our scripts on IBM Selectric typewriters, we ripped the wire copy off of a spool dot matrix printer, and we edited the reel to reels with razor blades and narrow strips of splicing tape.

We had landline telephones and Marantz cassette tape recorders.

There was no email.

There were no cell phones.

There were no web pages.

There was no Google.

How in the no-world-wide-web did we stay informed?

Somehow, we did.

Somehow, we do.

The shifts in how we get our information are breathtaking.

There is information coming at us from a million directions, all at a zillion miles per hour, and in mind-numbing quantities.




Web pages.

Traditional media (if there is such a thing anymore) has had to adapt right along with the web.

Newspapers have to tweet and video.

TV networks have to Instagram and Facebook.

Radio stations live-blog and stream.

We get information from recognized sources, from friends, from acquaintances, and from unknown entities.

The trick is to filter it and decipher what is relevant, what is accurate, what is reliable.

That is the challenge of today…the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web.

It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Happy Birthday WWW.

And many more.


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