Picture of an open Bible with an Oreo cookie and a mug

There were Oreo crumbs in my Bible.


I looked down and there they were.

It’s not a mystery really.

I was eating a couple of Oreos while reading my Bible.

(Oreos are crumbly, as you probably know.)

Oreos are a weakness of mine and we happened to have some in the cupboard.

Double Stuff.

I happened to remember that we had some in the cupboard and happened to open that resealable cover on the package and pluck a pair of those cookies out of their sleeve.

With my Oreos nestled on their fancy paper towel “plate,” I opened my Bible and started to read.

It was as I finished my reading that I noticed them.

The crumbs.

In my Bible.


Those Oreo crumbs inspired me.

They got me thinking.

“How’s that for symbolism?” I asked myself.

I brought my weakness to the Bible and left some of it there.

Oreos are a weakness of mine.

Don’t we generally come to the scripture with our weaknesses and preferences in tow?

In this case, my weakness (Oreos) offered a perfect symbol for preference.

Do you eat your Oreos whole?

Or do you pull off the cookie part and eat the crème filling separately?

Does it matter as long as you end up eating the cookie?

Do you come to the Bible with plans to read it straight through?

Or do you hop around and mix it up?

Do you take what’s written there literally?

Or do you see God’s overarching truths presented in various styles of writing?

Does it matter as long as you end up honestly seeking out the Word?


The Promised Land may have offered milk and honey.

But, in my book, milk and cookies would have been just as good.

Open Oreo cookie with the shape of a cross etched into the creme filling


Thanks for stopping by! What are your thoughts on this?

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