New Normal

Writer's Nook

My sister emailed me and asked how my “new normal” was coming along.

For anyone new to the blog, my “new normal” came about after my job was eliminated due to budget cuts. Rather than seeking new paid employment, I am taking the opportunity to pursue my passion for writing.

“So,” she queried, “how’s it coming?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” I responded.

My “new normal” started on January 4th. (One month ago today.)

Since then there have been twelve snow days, one holiday, one early release and one two-hour delay for our son’s school. On a couple of those days the roads were so bad that my husband also worked from home rather than commuting the 40 minutes or so to his office.

It has really felt more like an extended Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

“New normal?”

Not yet.

That’s not to say I have nothing to show for the past month.

I’ve organized some things around the house. (There is plenty more to do on that front, believe me!)

We’ve eaten at home more and I’ve attempted several new recipes.

I’ve shoveled lots of snow.

I’ve been home with our son on all of those afore-mentioned snow days without having to scramble to figure out how to get to work.

I’ve set up a cozy “writer’s nook” desk in the corner of our living room. (There was a space for it once we took the Christmas tree out and vacuumed up its stray needles.)

I’ve read four complete books. (In addition to articles, devotionals, daily Bible study, etc…)

I’ve participated in weekly on-line writers’ training sessions through Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I’ve taken on some additional volunteer responsibilities for our church’s district office.

I’ve continued my volunteer efforts with our local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program.

And, I’ve set up our 2014 business files.

“New normal?”

Not yet.

But there is progress.

Progress on projects. Yes.

But perhaps even more importantly for me, progress on patience.

After working outside the home and for others for nearly 30 years, I am learning to be patient with myself and to give myself some time and space to figure out the “new normal.”

Whatever that turns out to be.


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