An Open Letter to Restaurant Workers at Christmas

Coffee mug - "It's always sunny-side up in a diner."

First of all, thank you.

Thank you for serving me and my family.

You don’t get paid a bunch to do it, but we have really come to rely on you and your colleagues.

Our lives are very busy and so we tend to eat out a lot.

I confess, sometimes we can be tired and grumpy.

We try to interact with you with smiles and lighthearted banter.

But some days we don’t feel much like smiling and our hearts are not light.

You serve us anyway.

You tend to us.

You make sure the water glasses stay full.

You respond to our special requests.

“Hold the onions.”

“I’d like that burger with just cheese and bacon, otherwise, just plain.”

“This isn’t on the menu, but could I have (…fill in the blank.)”

Sometimes when the food comes out, it’s not what we wanted.

You politely handle that as well and make things right.

You pop by and ask us if everything is OK.

You bring us extra napkins when we are messy.

You are part of a team at your restaurant.

There are hostesses/hosts, waitresses/waiters, cooks, people who bus tables, managers, cashiers, and dishwashers.

Each member of the team plays an important role in customer service.

So… thank you.

Thank you for greeting us with a smile and finding us a place to sit.

Thank you for ordering in the supplies and making sure there is food to prepare.

Thank you for cooking for and serving us.

Thank you for clearing our table and washing our dishes.

Thank you for a quick checkout and cheerful good-bye.

What you do is important.

You are important.

You are appreciated.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.


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