Deep Pockets

Did you ever get a winter coat out in the fall and discover stuff in the pockets? Stuff you forgot you ever put there?


Me, too.

In fact, it happened to me just this week.

I went to the hall closet and got out a coat. It was the first time anybody had worn this coat since last winter.

I reached my hand into the pocket and pulled out a forgotten, folded up, abandoned five dollar bill.

I took it as a sign.

A sign that each of us has deep pockets of resources we don’t know about or have forgotten we have.

The neat part of this sign was its timing.

It came less than twenty-four hours after I learned that, due to budget cuts, my employer was eliminating my part-time position effective January 3rd.

I am soon to be among the down-sized but not the dispirited.

It was a sign.

It was a sign that I’ve got deep pockets.

There are not five dollar bills in all my deep pockets.

Some of them contain supportive family and friends.

Others contain my faith, my curiosity about the world, new perspectives, adaptability, and my willingness to see what’s next along the journey

I gave that five dollar bill to our son (it was his coat), got in my car, and headed north about an hour and a half.

The day’s journey reminded me of another deep pocket – my deep pocket of family connection.

My kid sister was having surgery on her shoulder and I was headed to the hospital waiting room.

My brother-in-law, my niece, my parents and I circled up some chairs in a corner. We waited and visited. Their pastor stopped by and kept us company.  We offered and received encouragement from total strangers who were also waiting for word about loved ones.

As they wheeled my sister out to get into the van for the ride home, my brother-in-law and parents made an actual, physical wall with their bodies to block the wind from hitting her as she came outside.

Deep pockets of amazing and tangible love and care.

As I reflect on my pending “joblessness,” I actually feel a spiritual sense of peace and possibility.

Deep pockets of calm and reassurance.

It seems like the next logical step in my journey.

Last summer I intentionally “down-sized” my job from full to part-time with an eye to carving out more time for family and to pursue my writing. I took that step in response to a “nudge” I felt – a sense of calling.

Well, this week that nudge became a shove!

This actually feels better than OK.

It feels right.

Even though winter is just around the corner…and we are getting out the coats (not all of which contain forgotten cash)…

…I am moving on with a spring in my step…

…and deep pockets of excitement for what is next.


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