Chew Toy

This morning I was having some trouble concentrating on my Bible study for the day.

(I am working through the prophets and am currently reading Hosea.)

I have had a couple of encounters this week that left me dealing with anger and disappointment in some people I don’t feel are acting awfully “Christ-like”.

In fact, they are acting awfully.

So, that’s where my mind kept going, but I tried to keep reading.

You know how when you are having trouble concentrating on reading, you tend to re-read the same sentence a bajillion times over?

Yeah, well, here was the sentence this morning:

“There is no faithfulness or loyalty,” it says in Hosea 4:1, “and no knowledge of God in the land.”

There goes my mind again, darting back to the anger and resentment.


Knowledge of God.

I am struggling here.

I glance over to the right, and there, on the floor, are a couple of our dog’s chew toys. One is obviously much the worse for wear.

I feel like that toy looks.

The major theme of Hosea, according to my Wesley study Bible, is that God’s ultimate purpose is to reconcile the people to Himself, to one another (emphasis added), and to the entire created order.

And this I know: God’s ultimate purpose will be achieved.

So, while I deal with my anger and disappointment in people, I will hold onto that promise and remain loyal to that vision.

He wants loyalty and reconciliation.

Ultimately…He will get it.

I may feel like a chewed up dog toy this morning.

But that’s not how God sees us.

That’s not where things will stay.


Thanks for stopping by! What are your thoughts on this?

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