Bumpy Road

Photo of a Tire from a Honda Fit

On a number of occasions I have found myself reminding our son that – in the grand scheme of things – there are some things just not worth getting bent out of shape about. Yes, perhaps they are annoying; disappointing; and/or frustrating. But in the long run… not such a big deal.

Take a look around, I will say. There are people in this world with REAL problems. Try being a kid dodging bullets (or worse) in Syria. What about the teen who has lived in six foster homes in two months? What about the family dealing with an unexpected illness?

So I deliver my “Mom wisdom” and shake my head when he struggles to let go of an issue that – to me – does not seem all that big of a deal.

But, oh man! Then I find myself getting annoyed, frustrated and – yes – angry at the stupid new speed bumps some people installed along the road between my house and the rest of the world.

Three speed bumps.

All within 20 yards of each other.

The size bumps that require my car – a Honda Fit – to come to a complete STOP…three times…within 20 yards. Three times going down the hill. Three times coming back up the hill.


What were they thinking!?

Yeah, well, maybe they weren’t thinking.

I don’t like the bumps.

But, I am not dodging bullets and chemical weapons while driving my car over them. And, by the way, I HAVE a car.

So, take a look around, I should say to myself. Deep breath. Move on.

The road may get bumpy, but that’s life.

In the grand scheme of things, there are some things just not worth getting bent out of shape about.





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